Diablo 3 (PC) Review

Diablo 3. Where do I start? Perhaps a bit about where I'm coming from.

Diablo 3. Where do I start? Perhaps a bit about where I’m coming from. When I was a boy I heard about a game called Diablo. I remember I was fortunate enough to end up with a copy of it (think I borrowed it from a friend). I was hooked instantly. Something about exploring the unknown. What could be around the next corner? What’s on the next level? Am I strong enough to win? How can I do more damage AND take less? Oh, those were the days. I played for hour upon hour upon hour, day upon day.

Time went on and I caught wind of Diablo 2. WOW! I was crazy excited. I wasn’t in a place that I could play the game as much as I wanted at the time, but I remember visiting my brother and his family for a few days and playing *almost* non-stop on his old computer. I still to this day cannot remember eating any food for.. about 3 straight days. It’s likely that something was put in front of me and I devoured it without even noticing.. I was enthralled. The item hunt.. seeing other players. Joining games to trade with other people, only to find out that AMAZING weapon that had dropped wasn’t worthy of trading. Looking up gear on the slow.. slow.. slow dinosaur internet of the time. Those were great times. Exploration, discovery, focusing on becoming stronger and more effective within my chosen spec.

Life moved forward. I got married and found a life. I revisited Diablo 2 about once a year. Played for a few weeks and then backed off. Then came the announcement I had been waiting for all along, without even knowing it that I had been waiting for it. Diablo 3 had never crossed my mind.. but immediately I became excited. At the time I was heavy into school and work, so I wasn’t keeping up with gaming industry news at all. I believe this was fortunate as it was already a few years into development by the time I heard about it. Delay after delay seemed to crop up, pushing back the release date. “It’ll be released when it’s ready” I remember hearing. All the while getting more and more excited, thinking it will be the best game EVER! It just had to be. With the money in Blizzards purse and the potentially huge hit of Diablo 3, I was stoked.

Release day came. I had originally planned on waiting in line for a physical copy of the game. But as the date approached I decided to go with the digital copy. That way I could have the game installed already and have a jump on everyone that went out and bought a physical copy. When the time came, I was in it to win it. I logged in quick and got in fast. It was only later that I found out people had had crazy login problems and weren’t able to play at all. I was fortunate! Over the next few days I had issues, but not that first night.

The game was amazing. Beautiful, interesting, great sound. I was SOOOO happy. But that was before I really got to know the game. As I leveled up I realized I couldn’t decide for myself where to put my skill points. That was annoying, and it nagged at me for awhile. Then I really got to know the skill system.. and I didn’t like that either. At one point in time I remember feeling as though the game had been made for children. That a class was a class, and couldn’t be anything other than what it was meant to be. This sounded so boring to me. That’s when I took my first break from the game. I would revisit the game when new patches were released.. when the paragon system was released I spent some time playing, focusing on that. But again, the game is dull. I feel 100% as if I am repeating myself, over and over again. That would be fine if the results weren’t the same each time. Bosses don’t drop decent loot? WTF? Now it’s not worth while to kill Diablo? That’s the point of the game isn’t it. Why would they make the completion of the game so utterly lackluster?

In the end I feel like a lot of people worked very hard to make Diablo 3 the most polished turd on the market. Making fundamental mistake after fundamental mistake. Most games attempt to take what worked about a predecessor and improve upon it. Evolving the game to a more honed state with each new release. That was the big win with Diablo 2. It took what everyone loved about Diablo and tweaked it into a super Diablo. A true Diablo 2. The Diablo 3 team seems to have actively gone out of their way in an attempt to reinvent the wheel. And, in my opinion, they’ve failed.

The Verdict


The Good: Diablo 3 is a beautiful game. Full of environment, art, amazing sounds and some fun quests.

The Bad: The game system, the skills system, the auction house, the limited content, the difficulty of getting decent weapons without spending cash, the fact that bosses are now a waste of time!

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