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I recently stumbled upon an article which discusses the best available items for a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. This inspired me to write my own quick post regarding my opinion on the best demon hunter gear.

Best Demon Hunter Helmet:

Personally, I like Andariel’s Visage or Mempo of Twilight. In this slot you want a socket, high dexterity, crit chance (if possible) and vitality or life %. Another decent option is Natalya’s sight which is a Demon Hunter set item, so it helps you achieve the 2 set bonus of +7% crit chance and a 3 set bonus of 130 dexterity.

Best Demon Hunter Shoulders:

Hands down, you’ll want to go with the Vile Ward. Look this up in the auction house and get a feel for common stats and what makes them expensive. Set a budget and save until you can get what the shoulders that you want. Dexterity, All Resist, Vitality, Armor, Live per Second.. this is a good piece.

Best Demon Hunter Bracers:

Lacuni Prowlers. Get the Lacuni Prowlers. Dexterity, Vitality, Attack Speed, Live per Second and… +12% Movement Speed. The movement speed alone makes these a great choice for the Demon Hunter. When you can outrun monsters, they can’t hit you. 🙂

Best Demon Hunter Gloves:

You’re most likely going to find what you’re looking for in a rare item. With that being said, the Sage’s Grasp can roll all the stats you want to see. In Diablo 3, gloves have the chance to roll critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and attack speed. This is called the trifecta and this makes the gloves quite expensive. Don’t hold out for trifecta gloves for too long. I usually choose two of those stats and then go for some defensive stats instead. This keeps the price affordable and also helps keep you alive.

Best Demon Hunter Belt:

There are really three options for this slot, as I see it. Most people will tell you that you need The Witching Hour in this slot. Although that is the highest DPS belt in the game right now, it’s also quite expensive. Instead most players will opt for a rare early on. The other distinct option is the Inna’s Favor. Giving a 1% Critical Hit Chance, 90 – 100 Dexterity, Armor, Bonus Holy Damage, and a reduction to control impairing effects by 13% – 14%, this is a decent belt. Combine this with the Inna’s Temperance (pants) and you pickup a 130 dexterity 2 set bonus. Not too shabby.

Best Demon Hunter Pants:

You really have three options here also. Firstly, Inna’s Temperance. Some great stats: +90-100 Dexterity, Attack Speed Increased by 8-9%, +12% Movement Speed, and Critical Hit Chance Increased by 1.0%. Not to mention the +130 dexterity bonus if you’re also using the Inna’s Favor belt. Another option for this slot that might catch your eye are the Depth Diggers. The Depth Diggers offer a bit more of a defensive approach. Thirdly, pickup a rare that gives you the benefits you need at the time.

Best Demon Hunter Boots:

Natalya’s Bloody Footprints are pretty great in this slot. Take a look at what these roll: +71-80 Resistance to All Elements, +241-265 Armor, +12% Movement Speed, Reduces damage from melee attacks by 5-6%, +90-100 Dexterity OR +170-200 Dexterity, and +1 Random Magic Properties. If there are better boots in the game, maybe focusing on a non-Natalya’s set build, let me know.

Best Demon Hunter Amulet:

In most cases you will be rocking a great Rare which offers a combination of defense and offensive abilities. Another option would be the Ouroboros, which offer some stellar stats.

Best Demon Hunter Rings:

Natalya’s Reflection and a Rare Ring, Hellfire Ring, or a Stone of Jordan. Personally, I like the Natalya’s Reflection and a Stone of Jordan.

Check out the numbers on the Stone of Jordan:

Increases Damage Against Elites by 20-30%
+9-10 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
One of 58 Magic Properties (varies) (Demon Hunter Shown)
Reduces resource cost of Chakram by 1-5 Hatred. (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces resource cost of Impale by 1-5 Hatred. (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Spike Trap Damage by 5-12% (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces resource cost of Cluster Arrow by 1-5 Hatred. (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Strafe by 2-7% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Multishot by 2-7% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Elemental Arrow Damage by 5-12% (Demon Hunter Only)

Best Demon Hunter Weapon:

At the time of this post, the most powerful Demon Hunter weapon is arguably the Manticore. With two sockets… That’s right, TWO sockets, you can plop 2x 100% critical hit damage gems (emeralds) into the weapon. And if that wasn’t enough, it rolls critical hit damage itself. Grab a high DPS, 2 Socket Manticore and you’ll be hitting hard.

Best Demon Hunter Quiver:

The Dead Man’s Legacy rolls some amazing stats.

170-200 Dexterity
+170-200 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 10-20%
Increases Hatred Regeneration by 1.18-1.33 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0-10.0%
One of 7 Magic Properties (varies)
Reduces resource cost of Cluster Arrow by 1-5 Hatred. (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Multishot by 2-8% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Elemental Arrow Damage by 5-14% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Rapid Fire by 2-8% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Entangling Shot Damage by 5-14% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Bola Shot Damage by 5-14% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Hungering Arrow Damage by 5-14% (Demon Hunter Only)

The info above was taken directly from the Diablo 3 website, but I would bet money that I’ve seen a quiver with Dexterity and Vitality stats above 200.

Take some notes on the above information, do some auction house searches to get some pricing, and then set a budget and start saving. Good luck!

+1 Random Magic Properties


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